The State of DDoS Protection Solutions

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The frequency of Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks is on the rise and their complexity and sophistication evolving. As countries and rogue organizations wield DDoS attacks as weapons, attacks make headlines in Hollywood and business executives and the White House alike usher in cyber security defenses. DDoS attacks can cause many problems ranging from irreversible damage, downtime, lost revenue and brand tarnishment. In short, DDoS protection solutions must be taken seriously.

DDoS Threat Landscape

Any organization with a web presence is susceptible to DDoS attacks. Today, DDoS attacks are unbiased and target organizations, large and small, and any industry.

According to the Ponemon Institute, DDoS attacks have more than doubled since 2014. DDoS attack tools are available in folds and are easily accessible. Moreover, large-scale attacks can be serviced inexpensively. Among the driving forces in the increase of attacks are hacktivism, nancial extortion, competition, differentiating ideology and ‘smokescreen’ (a distraction in which another breach takes place).

Are Organizations Prepared to Deal with a DDoS Attack?

Data Centers Are Not Prepared for DDoS Attacks

According to the Ponemon Institute, 82 percent of respondents say that DDoS attacks shut down the entire data center (34 percent) or part of the data center (48 percent). On average, during the past 12 months, respondents say their systems were shut down for 9 hours.

DDoS Protection Solutions

The solutions used most often to prevent, detect and contain denial-of-service attacks are: DDoS scrubbing solutions, ISP-based solutions, endpoint security solutions and tra c/network intelligence.

Common Barriers to Stopping DDoS Attacks

Sharktech’s DDoS Protection Solution Overcomes All Barriers

  • Sharktech detects and mitigates all DDoS attacks.
  • Sharktech’s DDoS protection is the most competitive and cost-effective solution on the market thanks to its proprietary DDoS protection technology that was engineered in-house.
  • Sharktech’s DDoS protection does not require the installation of any hardware or software.
  • All Sharktech solutions are supported by DDoS and networking experts (24/7 NOC services).
  • Sharktech’s solutions do not require outside IT support nor outside security leadership. Sharktech’s Account Ambassadors work directly with the customer’s IT department and C-Suite to determine, engineer and implement a best-in-class solution.

About ‘the State of DDoS Protection Solutions’

The State of DDoS Protection Solutions was crafted with research from the Ponemon Institute, which surveyed 641 individuals involved in preventing, detecting and/or containing denial-of-service attacks against their organizations. Most participants in this research work in IT operations, IT security, IT compliance or data center administration.

About Sharktech

Sharktech is a private company founded in 2003 by CEO and DDoS Protection Pioneer Tim Timrawi. The company has more than 25 employees throughout its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and data center facilities in Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.