Cloud Applications Platform

Cloud Applications Platform (CAP) is a cloud-based smart solution designed for developers seeking to instantly create, test, and deploy applications without getting entangled in infrastructure management.

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Cloud Applications Platform

CAP is conscious of modern developers’ needs – it simplifies resource provisioning with vertical and horizontal scalability and offers support across a diverse range of technologies.

The pricing model aligns with the real-time needs of projects, charging only for actually used resources. This approach minimizes the financial guesswork and maximizes the value of the infrastructure at your disposal.

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Developer-Centric: Direct focus on app dev, eliminating infrastructure hassles
Universal Compatibility: Supports all app types without requiring code changes
Smart Scaling: Automatic resource adjustment with upfront cost predictions
Time-Saving: Quick creation and cloning, from concept to production
Seamless DevOps: Integrated CI/CD tools with GIT/SVN deployment compatibility
Single-Click Management: Deploy and control easily with an advanced interface
Pay-Per-Use: Only pay for actual resource usage, optimizing costs
Robust Security: Ensured with 2FA, backup, and stringent security protocols
Enterprise-Grade: Level of orchestration used by leading software companies globally

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What’s in it for Developers

CAP supports a wide range of programming languages and frameworks and allows the instant deployment and running of legacy monolithic as well as modern microservices applications with no code changes within a container-native orchestration. Dev, staging, and production environments are created in minutes within a user-friendly topology wizard or via API, SSH, or CLI. Deploy using archives, GIT, or SVN with automatic updates, as well as integrated plugins like Maven, Jenkins, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA right from the panel.

The platform enables the running of Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, and Go-based applications using a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases, load balancers, application servers, and storage containers without manual configuration requirements.

The New Way of Billing

CAP uses the Pay-As-You-Use model and does not require you to reserve resources for your environment. Automatic scaling is achieved by assigning Cloudlets (400 MHz of CPU and 128 MiB of RAM) to containers in real time within your predefined limits. This precise approach allows only consumed resources to be billed for, not the limits you set for your applications.

Resources we bill for:

  • Cloudlets (CPU and RAM)
  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth

Adjusting resources live and with no downtime eliminates any overpayment for fluctuating workloads. With CAP, you can maintain tight control over your expenses and link operational costs directly to your applications’ needs.











Fully redundant, load-balanced infrastructure with no single point of failure


No-surprises billing with breakdown, statistics, and monitoring


NVMe-only storage for the fastest access to files and databases

Businesses That Can Benefit from CAP

Businesses That Can Benefit from CAP

  • Software Developers: Software development businesses that require backend services for things like data storage, user authentication, or push notifications can use CAP to manage these services efficiently, allowing them to handle varying loads as their usage grows.
  • E-commerce Platforms: CAP’s ability to handle sudden traffic spikes with dynamic resource allocation makes it perfect for e-commerce businesses, which often experience variable loads due to promotions, sales, or seasonal fluctuations.
  • Tech Startups: Startups can leverage CAP’s rapid deployment and scalability features to quickly bring products to market and efficiently manage growth without heavy upfront investment.
  • SaaS Providers: CAP’s easy scaling and support for various programming languages and databases enables Software as a Service companies to focus on developing and improving their software offerings without worrying about backend complexities.
  • Gaming Companies: With games that may go viral overnight, CAP’s automatic scaling ensures that gaming companies can provide continuous, high-performance experiences without service interruptions or lag, regardless of the number of concurrent players.

Featured Technologies

Application Servers


Java Engine




Spring Boot

Apache Tomcat














Load Balancing






Extra Services


Apache Maven






SQL Databases





NoSQL Databases








Cloud Applications Platform FAQ

What is Cloud Applications Platform (CAP)?

CAP is a container-native cloud-based DevOps platform designed to aid developers in efficiently creating, deploying, and managing applications and related workloads. It eliminates the need to deal with the complexities of infrastructure management, providing a streamlined process for continuous development and delivery.

CAP provides exclusive and secure access to your environment with 2-Factor Authentication. Security is further enhanced with Access Levels, complete isolation, and strict security protocols.

Yes, you can fully manage your environment and containers by accessing a console right from the user interface.

The platform supports multiple technologies and languages, including Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, and Go.

In CAP, applications can be deployed with local files (zip, war, jar, ear) as well as GIT or SVN with automatic updates. Integration plugins like Maven, Jenkins, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA are also available from the panel.

Our platform comes with a self-service portal and an advanced management interface. Inside, the developer’s dashboard provides an intuitive application topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, a marketplace with prepackaged applications, and tools for team collaboration.
Additionally, the whole environment can be managed via API.

Cloudlets are granular bits of resources (400 MHz of CPU and 128 MiB of RAM) that the platform assigns automatically and without service interruption to containers as per their real-time resource consumption. This way, it’s possible to allocate precisely the resources your apps require and optimize your billing as you only pay for what your apps use, not the limits.

CAP billing is based on your hourly consumption, determined by how many Cloudlets, storage, and bandwidth is used.
The number of active Cloudlets is calculated by taking the average CPU and peak RAM hourly usage and dividing it by the Cloudlet size. Only the higher number is used.
For example, if your average CPU usage for an hour is 3900 MHz (equal to 10 Cloudlets), and your peak RAM usage is 1500 GiB (equal to 12 Cloudlets), you will be billed for the 12 Cloudlets, not the sum of 22.

You can always access your current and historic usage via your dashboard’s Usage, Statistics, and Billing History sections.

We help with the full onboarding cycle to ensure a smooth launch with no interruption to your services:

  • Consultation and analysis of your applications and environment
  • Development of a migration blueprint with your team
  • The actual apps and data migration assistance