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Your own dedicated hyperconverged fault-tolerant cloud solution, built on an Open-Stack solution and our intuitive management interface.

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Private Cloud Solution with a Price that makes sense!

Finding a solution that provides you with the ease of management and scalability of major hyperscalers while addressing security, noisy neighbors, and unpredictable costs is no longer impossible.

With Sharktech Private Cloud Solution, you talk to one of our systems engineers, and we build out a solution that best fits your company’s immediate needs and future scalability requirements at a cost-effective flat monthly rate.

Cloud Hardware is set up in a rack or more assigned exclusively to you, built fully redundant, all combined together on the software level using Virtuozzo Virtual Hybrid Infrastructure powered by Open Stack, allowing you full management access to your infrastructure and rapid expansion.

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Why Choose Sharktech For Your Private Cloud Infrastructure?

You will receive the best solution at the best price possible.

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Benefits of Private Cloud Services

Private Cloud Solutions are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are a more secure solution than public cloud, since your physical hardware and cabinet(s) are exclusively assigned to you.

Private Cloud Solutions can be more reliable since you are not sharing resources with other users. Lately, private clouds are a more cost-effective solution and simple to understand as you are not paying a premium for scalable resources. You would expect at least a 50% price cut from your public cloud hosting prices with major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure).

Private Cloud Key Features

How Private Cloud is different from an on-premise Data Center?

Service Features Included:

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Private Cloud FAQ

What Is Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud?

A public cloud shares resources with multiple entities. A private cloud only allows a single entity to the cloud physical setup.

Private Cloud Solutions may be a more cost-effective solution depending on resource utilization.

Yes, Private Cloud Solutions are designed to offer exclusive access on hardware level.

Sharktech’s Private Cloud Solution uses the same architecture of our proven Public Cloud Solution, ensuring a high-availability design.

A private cloud allows only one entity or organization access to the resources of the private cloud. Resources aren’t shared, unlike public clouds. Private clouds work by separating infrastructure and hardware for only one organization.

No, a VPN is different from a private cloud. A VPN creates a secure connection between a device to a network. A private cloud is a network that only provides access to one entity.

The first type is an on-premises private cloud. This is when an organization builds and maintains its own data center in-house.

Another type of private cloud is hosted by third-party providers or managed service providers. This option allows organizations to outsource their infrastructure management while still maintaining control over their data and applications.

No, The system is fully redundant where your Virtual Machine would instantly be transferred to another Compute Node in case of a failure with no downtime or service disruption.

No, Depends on your requested redundancy level; your data is safe and would continue to be accessible even with a Storage node failure.

You would pay a flat monthly fee included in your monthly bill for the Virtualization software license.

Yes, you would have access to their technical support team for any assistance required, alongside our in-house Virtuozzo and Open-Stack Systems Engineers.