Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting

Protect your personal and business information with Acronis Cyber Protect backup hosting. This service takes cybersecurity to the next level by providing backup protection, URL filtering, anti-malware, patch filtering, and more!
Acronis Cyber Protect backup hosting gives businesses peace of mind knowing their files are always backed up.

Files can get corrupted or lost without an explanation. Thankfully, Acronis backup restoration software ensures your files are safe and recoverable in an emergency.
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Fast Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

When it comes to cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, Acronis Cyber Protect is a popular choice. With the ability to quickly protect data on both physical and virtual infrastructures, Acronis Cyber Protect offers fast, secure cloud backups with integrated disaster recovery capabilities. The solution includes powerful ransomware protection, automated threat detection, and response capabilities, as well as advanced security solutions that can detect suspicious activities in real time.

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Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Services

The benefits of using Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Services include enhanced security, improved storage efficiency, faster recovery times,
and cost savings.

For starters, Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Services offers advanced security features such as encryption, authentication, access controls, and intrusion prevention.

Additionally, the service provides superior storage efficiency by utilizing deduplication technology to reduce storage requirements while still maintaining high levels of data integrity.

Is Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting Compatible?

Acronis Backup Service is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and infrastructure. Whether you’re running on-premises servers, virtualized environments, or cloud platforms, Acronis Backup Service is compatible and can effectively protect your data.

It supports major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, and more, ensuring comprehensive backup and recovery solutions across diverse IT environments. With Acronis Backup Service, you can confidently safeguard your critical data regardless of your infrastructure setup.

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Protect your investment with Acronis Cyber Backup from Sharktech! Not only are your files protected with routine backup protocols, but they’re also safe against DDoS attacks. Sharktech also offers 24/7 Technical Support on all of our services.

Not only are you guaranteed protection with Acronis Cyber Backup software, but you also get human protection with our support team. Contact Sharktech today and ask about our Acronis Cyber Protect backup services.

Acronis Cyber Protection FAQ

How Long Are Backups With Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting?

The backup process can last a few hours or shorter, depending on the file sizes that you’re backing up.

Yes, you can backup files from OneDrive or Google Drive.

Yes, all partitions are backed up with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting.

Yes, Acronis can back up to an external hard drive or USB flash drive if you have the space.

Files can be compressed in the proprietary TIB format with Acronis.

Yes, this backup service is extremely reliable in any disaster or emergency event. You can recover files if you’re experiencing issues with your primary location.

Yes, internet is required for this backup service.

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting is fast. The only thing that can make it slow is your internet connection or the file sizes that you’re backing up. Large files and slow internet speeds can affect it.

You can backup any database, application, images, videos, and files with Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Hosting.

This backup recovery service is extremely reliable. You can recover files if your location is experiencing an emergency, natural disaster, or equipment failure.