Remote Network DDoS Protection

Protect your network with Sharktech’s Remote DDoS Protection solution, trusted by businesses, hosting providers, and internet service providers worldwide. Utilizing GRE, BGP and Anycast to connect your network to our DDoS Protection systems, Sharktech shields your internet resources from DDoS attacks, all without the need for additional equipment or changes to your infrastructure.

Our systems will automatically detect and filter any DDoS attacks targeting your network, with our team on-call 24/7 ready to help.

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remote network ddos protection

Choose the Best Remote Network DDoS Protection

Sharktech stands as an industry leader in mitigating DDoS attacks
with over two decades of experience in DDoS mitigation at the ready to help protect your network.

How Does Remote Network DDoS Protection Work?

An external BGP session is created between your network and ours, enabling you to announce your network prefixes to our routers.

Our routers will announce your prefixes to the internet, and re-routing traffic back to you through GRE tunnels. The traffic is asymmetric where only ingress traffic is routed through us, cutting latency impact in half.

When an attack is detected, our systems will re-route your targeted destination to our on-site firewalls filtering out the malicious traffic and sending the clean traffic back to you via the GRE tunnel.

how does remote network ddos protection work

Control Your DDoS Attack Scrubbing with Sharktech

Options: Considerations: Impact:
No DDoS Protection
  • error-red Knocked offline for hours or days
  • error-red Risk of all traffic being null routed
  • error-red Possibility of being asked to leave the network
  • warning-red Loss of revenue and brand tarnishment
  • error-red Extremely costly
  • error-red Requires Significant Network Upgrades
  • error-red Requires a Specialized Network Administrator with DDoS Experience
  • error-red Hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware, potentially millions in network upgrades
DDoS Attack Protection
  • error-blue Detects and blocks DDoS Attacks
  • error-blue No software or hardware required
  • error-blue Free with all hosted services
  • error-blue Upgradeable in industry-leading 100Gbps
  • verified-user-blue Protected
  • power-blue Always online
Remote DDoS Attack Protection
  • error-blue No migration is required.
  • error-blue Always on filtration or at the time of the attack.
  • error-blue No mitigation
  • error-blue All DDoS attacks stopped before reaching your network

Benefits of Remote Network DDoS Protection

  • Protect your network from DDoS attacks in a cost-effective way
  • Does not require infrastructure changes
  • Prevent costly operations disruptions
  • Simple implementation

The biggest benefit of Remote Network Protection is the simplicity in deployment and management. By implementing our DDoS protection services, you are adding an extra layer of protection to your business and organization, preventing costly service disruptions.

benefit of remote network ddos protection
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Protect your business network infrastructure and online services from the ever-evolving DDoS attack threat landscape.

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Remote Network DDos Protection FAQ

What is Remote Network Protection?

Remote network connection allows you to create a virtual upstream connectivity using your local ISP to connect to our network empowering your network with our DDoS Protection solutions.

A Remote BGP session is established between our network router(s) and your equipment (no router necessary, a soft router is OK). You provide us with the prefix list assigned to your company (minimum /24). A GRE tunnel session is established between your network and ours. After that, when your BGP router announces your prefix to our router, our network will announce your prefix to the internet, asking to route all traffic destined to you through our network. This is where our DDoS protection systems can monitor incoming traffic and filter out malicious traffic.

An IP block of minimum /24 assigned to your company, a system that can be used as a BGP and GRE tunnel, highly recommended but not necessary – MTU with your upstream provider of at least 1550 (to account for GRE overhead).

Our part usually takes less than 24 hours. However, due to setup and configuration time requiring third parties, it may take up to 72 hours.

We have yet to receive an attack we have been unable to mitigate due to our unique layered approach. Our data centers are connected with at least 1Tbps each and our technology allows us to utilize all our data centers and make changes to our upstream providers to manage any type of attack.