Dedicated Cloud

Open-Stack Powered Cloud Environment utilizing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is instantly available and scalable. Utilizing our user-friendly interface, you can build, manage, and monitor your compute, storage and network resources.

Our Cloud offers a shared pool of computing, storage and networking resources managed by our team, ensuring resource availability.
With our Cloud, you can dynamically allocate resources to meet your specific needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and flexibility in your operations.

Experience efficient Infrastructure management with our comprehensive Dedicated Cloud Solutions.

dedicated cloud hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Cloud

The biggest benefit of Dedicated Cloud Services is service availability, functionality and redundancy.
Your resources are utilizing multiple servers and storage nodes at the same time where no system failure has an effect on your resources.
Upgrade or downgrade your resources when needed, view your simple resource based bill that makes sense,
and rest assured knowing you are building on an open-source based solution that is capable of collaborating with other systems.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

100% Uptime Guaranteed, Fully Redundant Scalable Infrastructure powered solution!

24/7 Support

Any time, any day, you can rely on our 24/7 Technical Support Team to handle any IT issues with your server.

Multiple Service Locations

Our Cloud Hosting available in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Amsterdam

Dedicated Cloud

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Add Public IPv4

Information: Upon activation, you are entitled to 1 free public IPv4 address. Any additional IPv4 addresses beyond the initial allocation will be subject to a monthly fee of $1.50 per IP address.

Add Bandwidth (GB)

Information: Cloud Services bandwidth includes unlimited incoming, and 5000GB outgoing. Additional outgoing bandwidth is billed at $0.002 per GB.
Add resource to continue
Tip: You can add multiple Virtual Machines!
Information: Discover the optimal and most cost-effective plan tailored to your requirements with our user-friendly calculator.
CPU Cores 8
Memory16 GB
SSD Storage
SSD Storage500 - 50,000 GB
HDD Storage
HDD Storage0-50,000 GB
NVMe Storage
NVMe Storage0 - 50,000 GB
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection60Gbps
Data Transfer
Data Transfer5 - 300 TB
Port Speed
Port Speed40Gbps



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For a custom solution with higher compute, data storage, and network available, please contact our sales team for more information.

dedicated cloud vs dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Cloud vs. Dedicated Server

Dedicated Cloud and Dedicated Server offer distinct approaches. With Dedicated Cloud, your data and applications reside on virtual machines within a Dedicated Cloud infrastructure environment. It is ideal for workloads with fluctuating resource demands and for high availability.

Dedicated Server involves hosting your application on a physical server. Both options provide complete control over the resources, including processing power, RAM, storage, and network connectivity. Dedicated Server is suitable for applications that require specific resource allocation and direct access to the hardware.

Understanding these differences will help you choose the hosting option that best aligns with your specific application needs and business goals.

Cut Costs With Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud is a great option for many who don’t want to spend tons of money on server infrastructure. This is a much more economical choice compared to dedicated servers since it doesn’t require the power, cooling, and space needed to operate them.

Since all the server resources are placed on a virtual network, your IT team can focus on maintaining protocols and functions, not the infrastructure. More time working on your application or network means a better experience for you and your partners!

cut costs with dedicated cloud hosting

Service Features Included:

contact us for dedicated cloud hosting

Contact Us For Dedicated Cloud

Get in touch with Sharktech for Dedicated Cloud! We offer the best computing services for businesses and organizations to reach max performance and efficiency. With Dedicated Cloud, you’ll also get unrestricted access to your control panel so that you can optimize your applications.

This gives you the ability to customize your settings to your liking. Sharktech offers Dedicated Cloud plans on a as-needed basis. So, you can get charged for only the resources you need!

Dedicated Cloud Hosting FAQ

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers are commonly used when a business prefers to deploy the infrastructure management tools themselves or when their applications require direct access to the hardware. Theseservers are isolated and used solely by a single organization.

Dedicated Servers give businesses full access to the physical hardware but demand significantly more administrative effort. Dedicated Cloud provides a similar level of isolation and control over the resources while providing a powerful and flexible control panel, and requiring way less management overhead.

Public Cloud and Dedicated Cloud both provide organizations with fully isolated and secure cloud environments and the same high-quality service. The difference is in the billing models. While Public Cloud uses Pay-As-You-Go model where companies are charged for hourly consumption, Dedicated Cloud offers a flat fee for a set amount of compute, storage, and networking resources.

Dedicated Cloud provides a fixed amount of compute, storage, and networking resources for a flat fee. It is not possible to exceed the resource limits with Dedicated Cloud.

In our service portal, you have the ability to prepay, upgrade, or downgrade your service.

All our compute and storage nodes have a redundant multi-40G connection.

Yes. You can check our Cloud knowledge base articles here.

You can upload your own images from the system directly.

Our systems use OpenStack technology.

As many as you want, there is no limit on the number of virtual machines or how you provision the resources allocated to you. For as long as you have sufficient compute, storage, and networking resources, you can create virtual networks and virtual machines without any limit.