Cloud Virtual Servers

Cloud Virtual Servers is a VPS Deployment Platform that gives you the ability to manage a single or multiple Virtual Private Servers from a single management console. This helps companies manage their compute and storage resources from a single instance and decrease the complexity of VPS deployment.

Unlock the freedom to build your own VPSes across all of Sharktech’s data centers. Resources selected are instantly available at any of our data center locations and you can manage your resources—including upgrading and downgrading—through our simple and intuitive control panel.

cloud virtual server

What is Cloud Virtual Server?

Cloud Virtual Servers is an advanced version of the standard Virtual Private Servers solution.
You select the resources you need through our portal and deploy your virtual server instances
on our dedicated servers at any of our service centers.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

All VPS Systems are deployed on robust and reliable compute and storage systems with Multi-10G connectivity.

DDoS Protected

Hosted behind our world-class DDoS Protection Systems.

Multiple Service Locations

Select the resources you want, and deploy at any of our available locations (Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Amsterdam).

Power at the Right price with CVS

Select the resources you need for your virtual server(s), and build and manage your VPSs with a couple of clicks!

Processor 2
Memory 4GB
SSD Storage
SSD Storage 40 - 2000GB
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection 60Gbps
Data Transfer
Data Transfer 4 - 300TB
Port Speed
Port Speed 1000Mbps



Deploy Now

For a custom solution with higher compute, data storage, and network available, please contact our sales team for more information.

All CVS come with 1 IPv4 address by default. Additional IPs can be added on the order form.