New Features on all VPS

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We have recently upgraded our Virtual Private Server product line by greatly increasing the features included in the service. In addition to adding instant server setup, you can now control your VPS in ways previously only possible by submitting a support ticket.

All VPSs now include remote reboot, shutdown, and boot directly from our control panel. You can reinstall your operating system from our library of popular OS options directly from the control panel with a single click. If you’re locked out of your OS because you forgot your root password, that no longer requires submitting a ticket; simply reset it by logging into our server control panel.

In addition, out-of-band console login is now available. So if you’re unable to reach your VPS via SSH or remote desktop, you can still log into our control panel and reach the server as if you were sitting in front of it with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The control panel also enables easier tracking of IP addresses and usage statistics. Implemented with SolusVM, all of these features come with no increase in cost for our customers.

As always, our VPS plans continue to offer our fast 24/7/365 support, 40Gbps DDOS protection, and bandwidth on our premium intelligent-routed all-Cisco network.

This service improvement is available on VPS in all four datacenters; Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback.