Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is the quickest way for users to visit your website! Web visitors are directed to a server that’s geographically closest to their location, which increases speed and reduces latency. CDN is also perfect for content creators who want to break geographical barriers and connect with their audience worldwide! Contact Sharktech for our CDN Services!

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Reduce Latency With CDN Services

The Sharktech CDN service offers a number of benefits, like active network sensors that are always protecting your website against DDoS attacks, natural disasters, and network failures. Additionally, you’ll get faster purging by clearing tons of content and files within seconds. With CDN, our APIs enable you to cache hit ratios faster so that users don’t have long wait times.

CDN Services For Content Creators

With The Sharktech CDN services, content creators can now break geographical barriers and effectively connect with their target audience across the globe. Whether it’s streaming high-quality videos, delivering software updates, or distributing website content, Sharktech is committed to providing seamless and lightning-fast delivery to ensure optimal engagement.

Integration of our CDN services is easy and works with any device or operating system!
This helps with your infrastructure and lowers costs. Sharktech also gives you the power to scale up or down on a cost-per-use basis!

How Does CDN Work?

CDN hosting stores and delivers content such as images, videos, applications, and other files to users from a network of servers closest to their location. It is designed to provide high performance, scalability, and reliability while reducing latency.

CDN stores cached copies of static content in multiple servers worldwide. Users are then directed to a server closest to them. Without CDN, all website files are stored in a single location, making it slower for users who are far from the network.

Better Security With The Sharktech CDN

Benefit from an enhanced layer of protection with DDoS mitigation from The Sharktech CDN. With our advanced network architecture and state-of-the-art filtering systems, you can enjoy uninterrupted service even during peak attack periods.

You’ll also be protected from natural disasters because CDN stores and caches content on a network of servers. This means that even if one server goes down due to a natural disaster, the content can still be accessed from other servers within the network.

No over-priced or "gotcha" moments for customizations or price creeping.

We believe in empowering you. We believe in building relationships based on real trust. We never put our customers in a hostage situation. We also believe in pricing you get to keep smiling about.

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Network Co., LTD
Our game servers are often targeted with DDos Attacks ranging from 3Gbit to 8Gbit. Our servers never skip a beat. We highly recommended Sharktech to all game server providers.

Our mainland China IDC company has been with Sharktech for years. Sharktech is totally trustworthy and one of the best hosting service providers.

Technology Co., LTD
Having been with Sharktech for five years-drawn in by the competitive pricing we are very satisfied with their service and support. Best of all, year-after-year, they keep getting better.

We love the flexibility and the customization we can get through Sharktech from specific server requirements, router requirements, failover configurations, they have been able to help us do everything we've needed.

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With The Sharktech CDN, your content will load lightning-fast. The superior speeds are achieved by caching your content on servers closest to users.

Sharktech provides personalized plans so you can scale up or down as you need. You’ll also be protected against DDoS attacks, natural disasters, and network failures.

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