Sharktech launches Google Peering

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Sharktech is proud to announce a new peering partnership with Google. This large peering agreement establishes direct connectivity between Sharktech (ASN 46844) and Google (ASN 15169).

Direct peering provides low latency connectivity for Sharktech clients to access popular destinations like Youtube and Google Cloud. It is not just the destinations but also the infrastructure to which Sharktech clients will be closer; Sharktech clients will have greater connectivity to Adsense, DoubleClick, reCaptcha and other services owned by Google and popular with webmasters.

Even if you’re not using any of those Google services on your site, you still stand to take advantage of the biggest advantages to this peering agreement. One of the most important ways you can ensure your site ranks well in Google is to have fast page load times. Direct peering with Google means that sites hosted at Sharktech will have a direct low-latency connection to the spiders Google uses to crawl and index sites. This will result in high page rankings for Sharktech clients.

Webmasters are not the only Sharktech clients to benefit.  Clients using Sharktech infrastructure to host a VPN will experience lower latency video streaming at Youtube, better response times in Google Drive, and more.  Every Google service you use day to day will perform better over your VPN than ever before.

Google clients will gain faster access to the more than 450,000 websites hosted on the Sharktech network as well as large portions of IRC, such as Undernet, that are hosted with Sharktech.  Google clients can leverage their existing infrastructure hosted at Google with additional DDOS-protected hosting services at Sharktech for a diverse and full-featured infrastructure.