Sharktech adds NTT to all POPs

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We have more exciting news about our network. We’ve listened to your requests and on September 1st, 2017 we will be introducing NTT to our network peering in all facilities. Shortly thereafter we’ll be removing Cogent from our network peers. No maintenance window is required for this as there is zero risk of service interruption. This upgrade will occur in all four locations.

This upgrade replaces a tier 2 network, Cogent, with a global tier 1 network, NTT. NTT is a leader in developing software defined networking, meaning it is impossible to have added latency or outages caused by human error. NTT peering points are not congested, so you will see better connectivity beyond the edge of our network.

During June, the most recent month for which data is available, here’s how they compared for backbone latency:

		NTT	Cogent
Trans-Atlantic:	67.0ms	68.4ms
Trans-Pacific:	88.3ms	121.5ms
Intra-Europe:	25.7ms	30.2ms
Intra-US:	43.6ms	41.2ms

NTT is ranked among the top 5 networks worldwide and is particularly well connected in the Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe regions. With this upgrade, all of our datacenters will have only tier 1 network providers or major regional carriers. As always, we look forward to your questions and opinions regarding the upgrade. We’re always listening and working on improving our service based on your feedback.