How To Choose Between Public And Dedicated Cloud

How To Choose Between Public Dedicated Cloud

When it gets to choosing the right Cloud plan, the number of different options might look overwhelming. But do not worry. This article will help you understand the differences and advantages of Sharktech Cloud plans and make it easy to pick the best one for you.

All Cloud plans provide you with a Cloud Control Panel that you can use to manage all aspects of your virtual datacenter – deploying VMs, configuring networks, adding users, assigning permissions, and so on.

Difference between public & dedicated cloud

To learn more about Cloud Control Panel capabilities, please visit the Cloud section of our knowledgebase.

While functionally, Public and Dedicated Cloud plans are the same, they differ in how resources are allocated and consumed. Public Cloud offers the PAYG (Pay As You Go, details below) model, while Dedicated Cloud plans come with a fixed amount of resources for a fixed monthly fee.

Public Cloud

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Public Cloud plans consumption formula goes like this:

[Included Resources]x[Set monthly fee] + [Any extra consumption]x[Hourly rate[1]] = Total Monthly Fee

In other words, each plan comes with a set amount of resources, but you always have access to more resources whenever you need them. It’s a very flexible approach designed for clients who experience usage spikes or, otherwise, cannot predict their usage. Always having access to extra resources without the need to upgrade the plan allows to pay only for what you actually use and optimize Cloud spending.

Example: Public Cloud Large plan (32 Cores, 64 GB RAM, 1500 GB SSD Storage, $287.18/month) – is used to run 6 Virtual Machines, each using[2] 8 Cores, 16 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD Storage.

Together, the VMs consume 6*8=48 Cores, 6*16=96 GB RAM, 6*150=900 GB SSD Storage.

Thus, consumption over the included resources is 48-32=16 Cores, 96-64=32 GB RAM, and no extra SSD Storage consumption. The monthly fee would be:

$287.18 + 16*($0.0025)*24*30 + 32*($0.0035)*24*30 = $287.18 + $28.8 + $80.64 = $396.62

[1]Public Cloud hourly rates for the plans can be found on the Public Cloud page.

[2]Assuming that all machines are running 24×7. If actual consumption is less, the monthly fee would be reduced.

Dedicated Cloud

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Dedicated Cloud plans offer stability and predictability for companies that need to be able to accurately forecast their Cloud spending. Dedicated Cloud consumption formula is simply:

[Fixed Resources]x[Set monthly fee] = Total Monthly Fee

There are no variables, and unless the plan is changed, your monthly invoice remains the same. All plans’ pricing can be found on the Dedicated Cloud page.

Still not sure? Not a problem. Book a Free Cloud Hosting Consultation, and our Cloud experts will help you find the right plan.