DDOS Protection Improvement

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Router upgrades in all Sharktech facilities have now been completed with our fourth and final router upgrade in Amsterdam earlier this week. Sharktech now has 1.1Tbps of global connectivity through which DDOS attacks can be mitigated. Our new routing equipment and 100Gbps up links work together to enable us to handle larger attacks and more simultaneous attacks while doing so with greater cost efficiency.

Sharktech’s DDOS protection capabilities have inherently increased as our capacity has increased and we’re able to provide a better product with more aggressive pricing. We’ve now reduced the price for 100Gbps DDOS protection to $39/month for a single IP. This price reduction will help make the 100Gbps DDOS mitigation product accessible to more clients. 100Gbps DDOS protection can be added to any dedicated server or colocated server.

Since 2003 Sharktech has provided world-class DDOS protection services for our global client base. It is our constant mission to innovate, improve, and evolve our DDOS mitigation product to provide the best possible protection and to do so for a fair price that makes it accessible to the general public. We look forward to continuing to innovate our DDOS protection services to bring our clients continued service improvements and cost reductions.