Collaboration Seen as Crucial Component to Future Cyber Security Efforts

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Cyber and DDoS attacks have regularly dominated headlines and newswires in 2015. In the past several months, the hackings of the US government’s Office of Personnel Management and Ashley Madison databases have ensured that such security breaches will remain large in the public’s conscious.

It’s no secret that the perpetrators of these attacks are big on sharing and collaborating on how to conduct and execute the hacks that rattle both the private and public sectors.

Sharktech Internet Services, the first and leading DDoS protection company, believes that security firms should take similar actions to help thwart future attacks.

“Rather than operate in complete isolation, security companies ought to collaborate amongst themselves and share resources and knowledge,” Sharktech President Tim Timrawi said.

Currently, websites such as Metasploit offer channels of communication between security professionals but Timrawi believes the open-source nature of these sites are their downfall as they can become Wikipedias of sorts for black hats.

“While Metasploit is a nexus of collaboration, the information can too easily fall into the hands of hackers,” he said.

Instead, Timrawi feels that such discussion should take place privately between security firms and their public sector counterparts.

“There are three and a half months left of 2015,” he said. “How many more large-scale attacks need to happen before such collaboration takes place? 2016 has the potential to be a very different year.”