Sharktech Partners with Appex Networks to offer LotServer

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Sharktech has recently partnered with Appex Networks, the creators of LotServer, to bring new options to our clients for accelerating traffic to end users. LotServer is particularly effective for performance for:

– Streaming video
– Hosting large files
– Servers interacting with large numbers of mobile users
– Servers hosting content

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) was developed about 40 years ago. TCP is responsible for more than 90% of all Internet traffic, yet the standard implementation of the TCP algorithm has seen little innovation since it’s creation. TCP’s primary goal is to ensure that every packet gets delivered and that the packets get delivered in the correct sequence. TCP sends a few packets at a time and waits for acknowledgement from the end point before sending additional packets. TCP determines the rate for sending packets based on how many packets are being lost.

The concept of using packet loss to determine how fast TCP packets are sent was developed before streaming video and when file sizes were much smaller. The growth Internet consumption over wifi and mobile phone, both of which are subject to packet loss, were not anticipated when these algorithms were initially implemented. TCP equates packet loss to network congestion; while as anyone who has used wifi or mobile Internet can attest that packet loss can also stem from a number of other factors such as signal strength.

Appex Network’s LotServer uses learning based TCP acceleration. Through patented algorithms, LotServer adjusts the server TCP flow based on a number of metrics, not just packet loss. When looking at packet loss, a variety of considerations are made, including the cause of the loss. Latency, the interval between acknowledgements, and the order of the acknowledgements are all also considered. This gives LotServer the intelligence needed to smoothly mitigate packet loss.

The result of all of this efficient packet queuing is less buffering and more stability. Any service using TCP benefits greatly from adding LotServer, with the most extreme positive results being seen by video streaming sites and large file download sites as well as end-users on unstable or mobile connections.

With LotServer, TCP/IP is optimized on server to better server communication with remote network specifically China. The software is installed on your server (any OS), update the server TCP/IP stack, monitoring on going traffic and making necessary adjustments to ensure best optimal communication with your remote hosts.

Tests done by Sharktech showed up to 70% network communication improvement toward China, and 30% toward Europe.

You can test this service free of charge for 7 days! Just contact sales (at) sharktech (dot) net for your free trial!