Denver Dual Xeon E5-2678v3/4Bays/64GB RAM/1TB NVME/Gigabit Unmetered - $129/mo

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Sharktech's IP Transit Services

Connect your network to the internet via Sharktech's robust infrastructure. Our network is built around fault-tolerance and intelligent routing to ensure always available capacity — Allowing you to rapidly expand your bandwidth utilization. And a Badass technical team always at the ready to help.

  • Multiple Tier1 transit providers and Internet Exchanges.

  • Intelligent route monitoring to ensure optimal traffic flow.

  • 10G, 40G or 100G ports available.

  • Fully redundant transit circuits. No single transit provider maintenance will cause disruption to your network.

  • Our network is designed around the ultimate DDoS protection—at no extra cost…ALWAYS included in your service.

  • Competitive 95th percentile pricing.

  • Los Angeles
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Amsterdam
Direct IP Transit with Tier 1 Service Providers

Whether you are looking for a direct-connect with a single IP Transit provider, or building your own BGP network, take advantage of our wholesale contracts with our Tier1 providers and receive competitive pricing you couldnʼt get close to even if you went directly to them.

  • Direct Connect with Tier1 Providers.

  • Competitive Pricing.

  • Globally available at most data centers.

  • Our transit providers include: GTT, Telia, Comcast, and Cogent (please ask your sales associate for other available providers.).